samedi 2 mars 2013

Download LangOver 5.0.38 Free

Download LangOver 5.0.38 Free

For those of you who work with several languages, changing language settings in Windows can be a pain. Luckily LangOver can now make it easier for you.

LangOver puts an end to that tiring situation in which you start typing a text in one language, only to discover that the keyboard layout is set according to a different one. Instead of having to change it manually in the Control Panel and then rewriting everything again, LangOver lets you fix the layout and the written text with a hotkey.

LangOver supports virtually any language you work with and is very easy to configure, though it doesn't seem to work fine with all language combinations: during our tests it worked with Spanish and English, but failed to fix the text when using German and English.

LangOver is an easy way to fix multiple language issues, as it lets you redefine keyboard layout and correct text right on the spot.

  • Customizable hotkey
  • Supports virtually any language
  • Doesn't seem to work fine with some language combinations

Download LangOver 5.0.38

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