mardi 26 février 2013

Download EnhanceMyVista 3.4.1 Free Version Free

Download EnhanceMyVista 3.4.1 Free Version Free

If you're a Vista fan but would like to tweak or enhance it even further then Enhance My Vista is an interesting application.

EnhanceMyVista is an easy to use but powerful enhancing, optimizing and tweaking tool for Windows Vista. The program is very easy to navigate with an extremely simple interface and some interesting tweaking options. The program also allows you to view technical data on the specifics of your hardware such as your CPU, graphics card and monitor. It features all the regular tweaking tools you would expect too such as a manage running processes list, analyzer and registry cleaner, defragger and cache cleaner. You can also give the program a look of your choosing with several natty little skins. In addition to all this, the program integrates very well into Windows own administration tools so that you can access them directly through Enhance My Vista instead of the control panel.

In terms of speed, this program doesn't really enhance Vista as much as the name suggests but as an all round tweaker and one stop control panel, it's superior to anything Windows Vista itself has to offer.

Recent changes
  • Restore Point Creation updated
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Enhances Vista's admin tools
  • Allows you to access Windows Admin tools directly
  • Doesn't really speed up Vista

Download EnhanceMyVista 3.4.1 Free Version

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