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Download EASEUS Todo Backup 3.5 Free

Download EASEUS Todo Backup 3.5 Free

What is the most valuable part of your computer? Not the screen, or the keyboard, or the mouse. Exactly: the most important thing in your computer is the data you store on your hard drive, which could be lost all of a sudden if you don't take the appropriate measures.

With EASEUS Todo Backup you can protect your files in an easy and effective way. EASEUS Todo Backup helps you create a full backup copy of your system, including not only your personal files, but also the operating system, user settings and applications. If your computer is attacked by viruses or corrupted due to unstable software, you'll be able to restore the system with this backup copy in no time via EASEUS Todo Backup.

EASEUS Todo Backup is also useful in case you want to upgrade to a larger hard drive or a newer operating system: you can clone the contents of your current hard drive and transfer it bit by bit to the new one. No more lengthy system reinstallations, thanks to EASEUS Todo Backup!

Having tested other similar tools, I have to say that EASEUS Todo Backup is fairly easy to use and includes a complete user guide, though some basic knowledge about disk partitions is strongly advised. In any case, remember that backup copies should always be saved on a different drive from the source disk.

Better be safe than sorry: install EASEUS Todo Backup and create backup copies of all your important data today! It's fast, easy and free.


This beta version is valid through December 31, 2010.

  • Nice interface design
  • Creates backup copies, restores copies, clones drives
  • Easy to use and well documented
  • Basic knowledge about disk partitions required

Download EASEUS Todo Backup 3.5

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