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Download Focus Booster 1.2 Free

Download Focus Booster 1.2 Free

Focus Booster is a simple app that helps encourage time management for all of your tasks.

Based on the Pomodoro Technique, which breaks up tasks into periods of work of 25 minute intervals (also known as "pomodoros"), Focus Booster is a super simple and lightweight app that runs on Adobe Air. It's essentially just a customizable timer. For the ultimate procrastinators though, this might be just the kick in the rear you need to get those annoyingly numerous tasks done.

Focus Booster's timer is quite simple and sleek looking, on a black timeline with a green progress bar that gradually progresses as time passes. It's essentially just a stopwatch, although the developer says it's a more visual way of being able to keep track of time you're spending on specific tasks.

Click on the small 'i' on the right side of the interface, and you can customize Focus Booster's session and break time length. You can also disable the ticking sound if that's driving you a little bonkers. For many users though, the ticking will help remind them that they're on the clock.

Focus Booster is a gentle nudge wrapped into a lightweight little app that'll help you keep on track with your tasks.


Focus Booster requires Adobe Air to run.

  • Lightweight
  • Allows you to configure break points
  • Ticking sound can be disabled
  • Could end up distracting more than focusing

Download Focus Booster 1.2

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