jeudi 24 janvier 2013

Download google-translate-desktop 0.7.1 Free

Download google-translate-desktop 0.7.1 Free

google-translate-desktop is a very simple, Java-based Google Translate client.

There?s no mystery about google-translate-desktop ? it?s a very, very simple desktop version of the famous Google web app. Add the text you want to translate to the top, pick the appropriate language combination (or leave google-translate-desktop to autodetect it) and press Translate.

As it based on the web app, you have all the same language combinations available ? at the moment that clocks in as 50+ languages, from Afrikaans to Yiddish. There?s also a handy button that allows you to reverse your language pair. Apart from pure translation, however, google-translate-desktop doesn?t let you do much more. You can copy your text to and from the clipboard, but that?s pretty much it.

For such a simple app, google-translate-desktop has fairly decent configuration options. If you hit Settings, you?ll be able to give the app a new skin and set options for remembering previously-used languages. There is also an option to use google-translate-desktop through a proxy. In all, google-translate-desktop isn?t up to much, but if for some reason a desktop app is preferable to the online version, it will do the job fine.

Google-translate-desktop is basic in the extreme, but is a faithful replication of the original Google Translate service.

  • Lots of language combinations
  • Ok options for such a simple app
  • Very, very basic

Download google-translate-desktop 0.7.1

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