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Download Sylpheed 3.2 Free

Download Sylpheed 3.2 Free

Sylpheed is an email client and news reader based on GTK+ GUI toolkit. It's full of features designed to help you get more from your messages and improve the speed at which you receive and process news feeds.

Although it's designed for Unix systems, it also works on Windows although the GUI is not exactly what you might expect from an e-mail client. It's very no thrills with few graphical attractions but as you would expect from a program designed for Unix platforms, it's very secure and functional. The program is also remarkably well-organized, lightweight and supports just about every e-mail protocol you'll ever need. It's also designed for those that need maximum security because it supports not only the standard SSL protocol but also GnuPG and TLSv1.

In addition, it comes with more standard functions you would expect such as a powerful filtering and search tool, junk mail control and external commander that allows you to do away with the mouse for a while. It doesn't seem to allow you to retrieve mail from other POP3 accounts though although there is an extensive forum that no doubt, allows you to do this.

A very secure and highly professional e-mail client that doesn't make it easy for beginners but will certainly please those that need high security and work across platforms.

Recent changes
  • New features
  • Each attachments on the message view now have graphical label and popup menu
  • The UI for Attachments tab was changed to save the space. Users now also can do 'Save all' without switching the view
  • The 'show_attach_tab' option (without UI), which reverts the attachments interface to the old one, was added
  • Multiple keywords search of the quick search was implemented
  • The context menu of the folder view and the summary view can be popped up using Menu key or Shift+F10
  • Win32: IPv6 support was enabled again
  • Win32: SylFilter is now also included in the installer. The default junk commands were also changed to sylfilter
  • Win32: an option to play sound when new messages arrive was added
  • Win32: The file selector now follows Windows shortcut (.lnk)

Review last updated: 02/07/12

  • Works across platforms
  • Very secure
  • Hard to work out for Windows users

Download Sylpheed 3.2

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