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Download aMSN 0.98.9 Free

Download aMSN 0.98.9 Free

aMSN is an alternative to the classic MSN Messenger, with more features yet a much weaker interface. The chat client looks very similar to Microsoft's product yet differs on a number of points. aMSN developers have delved into the preferences menu, adding extra little features like event alerts and sounds, conferencing support or autoaway messages. Like with MSN Messenger you'll be able to transfer files and organize all your contacts into groups.

Audio/Video support is the number one function that users look for in IM clients nowadays, yet an area which aMSN doesn't particularly focus on. Webcam support is fairly weak and unstable on aMSN, and instead of integrating into your chat window will open up in a new Quicktime window.

One of the biggest pet peeves of users with aMSN is the interface. It simply doesn't compare with more sleeker, more recent IM clients. To the developer's defense though you can download all sorts of skins from the program's website. Similarly it offers up a range of plugins, to customize your client to your liking. Chat addicts will also appreciate the animated emoticons on hand.

In terms of performance, you have to keep in mind that aMSN is still a Beta product, so still liable to some crashes and bugs. We did have some trouble when opening up new chat window and noticed that the client tended to use a lot of CPU.

In a few words, aMSN is a good alternative to MSN for users looking to add more plugins, skins and delve into the preferences menu.

Recent changes
  • New Contact List !!
  • We can drag contacts between groups
  • New login window
  • Added support for Offline Messages
  • Voice clips : sending and receiving !
  • New default skin + new smiley set
  • DualDisplayPicture plugin into the core
  • Add Audio and Video Assistant
  • support for JPEG webcams
  • support for UYVY palette
  • fix bug with PWC driver
  • Only for amsn-remote,fixed possible DoS attack, and make remote not reply to commands when it's not enabled, instead of waiting for authentication and parsing commands, which may lead to parse errors.
  • Fix bugs with DP browser
  • Added new bindings to manage tabs
  • Show Web/Online for people using webmessenger
  • added tkdnd for windows,
  • Fix smileys menu issues
  • Fix file transfert bugs but some still remains
  • Fix bugs with chameleon
  • Improve linflash
  • Fix to the first libmimic bug ever, in 2 years
  • Fix bug with http proxies


This version of aMSN includes the option to install the Softonic Toolbar. If you wish to download the original version without the toolbar click this link. Also, you can access aMSN's original source code via this link.

The Softonic Toolbar included with this version of aMSN is a standalone application and is completely independent from aMSN and does not affect the behavior or performance of the original aMSN program. Any errors you get while running aMSN are by no means related to the Softonic Toolbar.

  • More features than MSN
  • Extended customization
  • Some trouble when opening new chat windows
  • Known to use up lots of CPU
  • Webcam feature still a bit unstable
  • Weak interface

Download aMSN 0.98.9

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