vendredi 1 février 2013

Download Google+Facebook 0.72.57 (Firefox) Free

Download Google+Facebook 0.72.57 (Firefox) Free

Google+Facebook is a free browser plug-in for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Browser that lets you check your Facebook feed in Google+.

After installing Google+Facebook on your browser and authorizing the plug-in to access your Facebook account, you?ll see a new button on the interface in Google+: the Facebook logo, on the left side of the top button bar. Clicking this button will display your Facebook wall right on Google+, without having to load Facebook on another tab.

Google+Facebook also includes a quick status update field so that you can add your personal messages to Facebook from Google+. However these messages are limited to text ? you can?t, for example, share links or post a photo. Also, the moment you click on anyone?s profile, Google+Facebook immediately takes you to the original Facebook site.

Despite these limitations, Google+Facebook is a handy way to check what your friends are up to in both social networks without having to be constantly switching from one to another.

With Google+Facebook you can access your Facebook wall from the Google + interface.

  • Check Facebook wall in Google+
  • Lets you update the Facebook status
  • Nicely integrated into Google+
  • Lacks some Facebook functions

Download Google+Facebook 0.72.57 (Firefox)

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