mardi 26 février 2013

Download SATmax Metro App Free

Download SATmax Metro App Free

The SATmax metro app lets users prepare for the SAT on their PCs.

SATmax features a nicely uncluttered interface, perfect for the stressed out college hopeful, looking to brush up on subjects tested on the SAT.

Choose a specific SAT subject, and you'll be taken to sub-categories. Much like in-person prep courses, SATmax organizes lessons into by date and subject. There are video lessons, multiple choice question sets, and flashcard assignments to ensure you completely understand the lessons being taught.

After each question set, you can also review your answers in-depth with SATmax. This is essential, because you'll never learn from your mistakes unless an explanation is given in most instances. Once done with a complete set, you can also share your results with other friends using the program.

Although the app is pretty comprehensive, it probably isn't a complete substitute for in-person tutoring or another type of offline prep class. As a supplement though, SATmax really stands out.

SATmax is a great way to reinforce specific subject areas during your SAT prep.

  • Video lessons
  • Multiple choice question sets
  • Flashcard lessons
  • Review your answers after each assignment
  • Not as comprehensive as private tutoring

Download SATmax Metro App

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