lundi 25 février 2013

Download Nimbuzz 2.2.1 Free

Download Nimbuzz 2.2.1 Free

Nimbuzz makes keeping in touch with all of your friends a less time consuming task.

This is where Nimbuzz comes in really handy as it's a multi-platform instant messaging client. This enables you to chat with your contacts and keep track of your friends' updates on more than a dozen different social networks and IM protocols, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber, among others.

Nimbuzz is already quite popular among mobile platforms, where it has been around for a while. This port to PC has gone a bit unnoticed, I guess partly because Nimbuzz doesn't feature as many tools and options as other similar programs. The tool in itself is quite simple, very light on resources and does what it says on the tin. There are no custom backgrounds, animation effects or any other bells and whistles.

Besides basic text chat, Nimbuzz includes other interesting options such as the ability to organize contacts by groups and the possibility to share files with them, even if they're not online, thanks a to a temporary storage system. Being primarily a mobile IM app, Nimbuzz also allows you to keep contacts synced with your mobile phone.

Despite being simpler than other similar tools, Nimbuzz is still a great app to keep in touch with friends across many different social networks and IM platforms.

Nimbuzz supports the following formats

Supported protocols: AIM, Facebook, GaduGadu, Giovani, GTalk, Hyves, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, SchuelerVZ, StudiVZ, Twitter, Jabber, Yahoo

  • Supports more than a dozen different platforms
  • Clean, nice interface design
  • Light on resources
  • Handy file sharing system
  • Enables you to sync contacts with your mobile phone
  • Fewer options than other similar tools

Download Nimbuzz 2.2.1

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